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Economics 101

2021.12.03 03:27 guntherlovesrachel_ Economics 101

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2021.12.03 03:27 HeadHonchkrowRemi reisen

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2021.12.03 03:27 poppyviolet98 Should I be offended if my boyfriend didn’t invite me to his Christmas party?

F23/M25, been together since January ‘21 and have lived together since May ‘21
So me and my boyfriend are soul mates and we hate leaving each other’s side. We trust each other and love each other.
However, he recently got a new job about a month or so ago that he’s worked extremely hard for and I’m so proud of him!!! It pays super well and yes he makes dramatically more money than me and I’m honestly struggling at the moment, which he is aware of.
His Christmas party is this weekend and I wasn’t invited to go even though one or two of his other coworkers brought their wife and girlfriend.
I was kind of confused because we literally always go to everything together, but I also didn’t want to take it too personally because it’s still a fresh(ish) job. I asked him the other day what the reason was and he said “well you’re broke?” And I just thought to myself…. He could have at least asked though?
I don’t know…. Am I being petty as fuck?
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2021.12.03 03:27 bigstepperz Training a Printed Links Detector Using TensorFlow 2 Object Detection API

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2021.12.03 03:26 Blaze7554 very horny ass and dick sc- Blaze7554

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2021.12.03 03:26 shallah High Exposure to Malaria Linked to Lower Risks from COVID-19: Research - COVID-19 patients with a history of malaria infections maintained normal levels of cytokines.

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2021.12.03 03:26 JackTheNephilim How can I impress this guy I like?

We met a few months ago and I haven't even thought of him in that way I am starting to love him I thought about grinder but that doesn't seem the best way to find love. If this doesn't work out how can I impress guys or get a guy to love me. I don't exactly come off as guy because I am bi but I want some guy to give me a chance. Particularly this one I like.
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2021.12.03 03:26 CrippledSangi What is your all time favourite TV show?

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2021.12.03 03:26 King_Killa_Zack Question about crafting 600 gs items

So for example, engineering. I’m close to 200 and wanted to roll some bows and muskets. What exactly would I need to make that possible? I know engineering trophies and gear to increase the item crafted quality would be good, but what else? And would I need 3 houses all with max engineering trophies ?
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2021.12.03 03:26 roya876 For the drill OGs, You can only pick one to listen to all day…

View Poll
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2021.12.03 03:26 Few-Faithlessness518 ODST is the goat

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2021.12.03 03:26 SpookyTeej01 Any idea why my friends tank has so much algae?

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2021.12.03 03:26 ucithroaway I became close friends with a guy who now suddenly wants nothing to do with me

i need to rant about a dude. this situation is so dumb but I’m so frustrated. Also looking for ways to be petty LOL.
I just started my first year at a university and i joined student gov where i met this really cool guy. we clicked really well and had a lot of fun. he quickly became one of my close friends. We’ve had late talks, gone to get food at 2am, played ping pong and hang out at costco. we talked so enthusiastically about a lot of topics and he even gave me good advice. i started to develop a pretty big crush on him.
we had a joking love/hate relationship and i’m ngl, we had some issues with setting boundaries so i think i started to hurt his feelings and same vice versa. we had a couple talks about it, but he’s not very good at communicating. he keeps expecting me to just KNOW when stuff bothers him, but I simply cannot tell whether his over-the-top reactions are a joke or real. I really tried to be better and i thought we were good. Recently i went home for thanksgiving and he seemed to miss me a little while i was away because he interacted a lot with my social media and was asking in a “casual” way when i would be back. but then, i got back and i decided to ask him to go to a cat cafe with me. he suggested we go with a group but i tried to insist that it just be us (it wasn’t really supposed to be a date but i wanted more purposeful alone time so i could maybe assess if he had feelings for me too). Anyway, he basically insisted we not go alone together because it would be awakard. In his defense i didn’t realize the drive to the cafe was an hour, which would be really long for just us so I said sorry and that maybe we could do something else then. Then he basically just said he didn’t want to.
The next day he texted the group chat saying he and our friend were going to costco and that he would pick up our friend at 5. I thought that was an invite since it was in the group chat. In his defense, they were getting supplies for something we were working on together in our club so he could have just been debriefing. But tbh I was feeling kind of depressed so i asked if i could go with them to get out of the house. Our mutual friend said yeah let’s go, but he kept trying to like not invite me.
Anyway he ended up picking me up and he was SO RUDE. Like, in a much meaner way than our jokes usually are. And I already told him i was in a bad place so it really hurt me he was still such a dick to me. For example, he:

  1. locked the car when i tried to get in the passenger seat and told me to sit in the back (i was the first one being picked up)
  2. told me to shut up everytime i tried to engage in the conversation with him and our friend
  3. just straight up gaslight me! He claimed my tone was condescending when i spoke to him, which was not the intention and our mutual friend even said it wasn’t true
my friend noticed and told him to knock it off multiple times. She’s even the one who pointed out the gaslighting. He got kinda pissy and it was awkward because I was super gloomy and he was super butthurt and our friend was just trying to hold the group together. Our friend told me he was mad and didn’t want to tell me, and she said she thought it was because of a silly comment i made. So when I apologized for that he said he wasn’t mad about that. Anyway he dropped me off last and he was mad that I turned our friend against him but that wasn’t even my fault!!! It was his first being a dick!!! Then he told me he wasn’t mad at me??
Later i asked him through text if we could talk so i could tell him he made me feel shitty, and he said that he was in a bad mood and took it out on me. He said we didn’t need to talk about it. I kind of insisted, saying we do need to talk if he’s willing. Then he said he doesn’t want to and that i need to respect his boundaries. That’s totally valid and I don’t push anymore, I just told him to please not be mean to me right now because I’m going through a hard time. Then he tells me he’s going to keep things professional from now on, and I told him it doesn’t have to be professional just not MEAN!
Well, ever since that exchange everything is weird between us. He seems to avoid me. He takes pictures with groups of people at our club events and purposely doesn’t ask me to join. He seems to actively not engage with me at all. Today we had an event for our club and he went back a bit to insulting but he was still doing that thing where he told me to shut up like half the time I spoke. And when other people tease him he says it’s okay but when i do he tells me i’m not allowed to.
This makes me so frustrated. I really liked him even if we only stayed friends. I really valued our friendship and it feels like he’s pushing me away. I got so pissed about it i unadded him from tiktok and took him off my close friends list on instagram, then unfollowed his insta. i even muted our group chats together so i’m not as active. i want to be more petty because i want him to know I’m pissed at him without making a huge scene. So, thoughts on this weird situation? Advice for pettiness???
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2021.12.03 03:26 MissingAmorette 👀👀👀🦆🦆🚀🚀

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2021.12.03 03:26 altarec Device for texting in a private chatroom that is not a cellphone?

Hey guys, not sure if i'm even in the right reddit forum but will ask anws. Do you guys know of any device that would allow to chat with someone over wifi? My girl is really anxious and likes to turn off her phone a couple of hours before bed, but she would like to still keep contact with me. I was thinking of building something using a rasberry pie and some borrowed code here and there to build her something that could do that, but to be frank it'll be so much more simple if I could just buy something. Doens this exist? Thankds in advance :)
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2021.12.03 03:26 Careless-Bend-9693 3D printed sliprings

So im trying to make a rotating lamp for as a Christmas present, and the only solution I came around was sliprings, I play a little with the idea when I was in college, using acrylic as the case, I was wondering if maybe I could 3d print a part, as it gets hot, 240 V in here, I imagine maybe i petg or Asa, what do you think, have your tried this before?
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2021.12.03 03:26 NotVyse_domo First cannaonless

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2021.12.03 03:26 Fair_Organization611 October 2019 no calc, do we minus 20 from 90 and why ? The answer is 70

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2021.12.03 03:26 Miserable-Extreme-59 How I manipulated my stats to increase my pay rate and minimize my labor

This happened a long time ago.
Was working "customer support" at a shady call center, and my job was to try and deny refunds to dissatisfied customers and keep them from cancelling, and to sell them more crap on top of it. Our pay rate was based on % of people we kept from cancelling. Sometimes just a few cancellation calls dropped your hourly rate by dollars for the entire week. You got paid only the greater of commission OR minimum wage.
The execs and managers all acted like they were in Boiler Room because they could bamboozle old people with deceptive ads for trash services, and exploit the lowly folk who took those kinds of jobs. Driving around in Jaguars, BMWs, etc. Having agents drink gallons of milk and barf for their amusement to get extra bucks thrown their way.
After losing a lot of pay due to a handful of calls a few weeks in a row, I was really hating work more than usual, feeling intense stress, and started grinding my teeth in my sleep. I needed the money to make ends meet. They were always willing to let you work more hours. I started working nights to try to get my stats up, usually in vain. Nights were unpopular shifts, so it was usually just a handful of folks, and less monitoring of calls. This gave me an idea...
I started to call the support number from my cell phone. I'd get my own call like 20% of the time. If some other agent answered, I'd hang up. If I answered my own call, I'd say hello, put my phone down with the call still going, and doodle for a few minutes. Then I'd announce I was disconnecting the call as if someone was actually on the other line. Eventually, I did it with higher frequency, maybe taking a 10-15min break almost every hour, and in the process, I was adding non cancellation calls to everyone's stats as well. I made a lot of commission for a few months, probably increased my rate of pay 30% during this time. Then when I finally landed a reputable job, I bounced. Never got caught. Probably got really lucky.
That's it.
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2021.12.03 03:26 crowjack After a busy week with cousin Arthur visiting, Callie needs her beauty sleep.

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2021.12.03 03:26 ragequitthegame What’s your favorite campaign?

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2021.12.03 03:26 Mrbrutalbeast26 Help build me a deck for pvp

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2021.12.03 03:26 SadisticMasochist_ Cursed Alabama

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2021.12.03 03:26 Sloth-Sucker Why do people fetishize virgins? Aren’t they the worst people to do it with

Wouldn’t it be like wanting to play a game of poker with someone who’s never played before. Sexually transmitted disease isn’t as big an issue as it used to be so it can’t be that. Is it people who are bad in bed and hide their insecurities by being with less experienced people who can’t tell? I just don’t get it
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2021.12.03 03:26 HauntedSpy One of the unidentified victims of serial killer Larry Eyler, killed c. November 1982 in Rensselaer, IN, has been ID'd as 19-year-old Bill Lewis of Peru, ID.

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