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2022.01.28 06:30 CouponingLady_ 2-in-1 Charging Stand $4.99 (Reg $15)

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2022.01.28 06:30 Legitimate_Unit_9210 Is it okay to still marry at young ages today?

Is it okay to still marry at young ages today?
Such as from ages 18 to 22.
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2022.01.28 06:30 Mental_Lack4049 I am not sure what to do

Well, I never thought i'll be sharing this kind of things in the internet, but i'm at rope's end so here it is.
TL:DR A guy (22) who is unsure about what to do after a break with his girlfriend (22), unsure on what to do afterward.
So it's a problem between myself (22M) and my girlfriend (22F) of 5 years now, well an LDR type of stuff since we're at different continent (5-6H time differences). Well i'm not sure how to start, but i'll try my best.
Well the problem (kinda) began during mid 2021, around late April. I was doing my usual routine with her, vidcall etc. One of those day she told me she was sick and diagnosed with TB (tuberculosis) and was the reason for her being tired all the time (undergoing tb treatments for about 6 months). Well, I tried to help up as much and be understanding, telling her that if she's not feeling okay we don't need to do daily calls and stuff, just the norm of telling about her condition, that's all. She also quits university due to her sickness back then.
Well, from that point on, our communication become less and less frequent, but we still managed to call and talk at least few times weekly. Then at around mid September, she told me that her TB was getting better, and that was a relieve for me, thinking that she might be fully recessed soon and can go back to do her normal activity. She also told me that she got accepted to a new university, which was also good news, but I tried to tell her not to push herself since she just (kinda) got better.
Well, beginning of her university life made our little talk time to be even more less, but I still try to cope up with it, knowing her situation and all. So no calls and minimum comm during weekdays. Then, she told me that she got a part time job (at her old place) and need to work again during saturdays. At first I tried to protest, well i got really concerned about her health and well-being since she's not fully recovered, lotsa stress from uni-life, and not to mention numerous COV related cases in her country. But she kept telling me it will be alright, and she was fit enough to do work according to her medical caretaker. Well, at that moment I didn't think about the less calls that will be, since her working at saturdays also meant that there's not gonna be a call on that particular day.
I complied regardless.
well, then soon after, at around october. She was complaining about how things were rough for her, how uni-life was very tough, that she had all-time-low energy post TB, and not enough time to rest during weekends. Again, I tried to support her saying that she'll get used to it. I tried teaching her some of the material for uni, and did some assignment also (She's studying life science, and I am too). But she kept telling me that she can't go on an stuff. Then she told me that soon after she'll be needing to do more class (Some additional lectures? I guess?) during sunday, that she'll need to do assignment too with her classmate. I was okay with that too, I mean, that meant less call but hey I guess school-related stuff can't really wait. But I didn't think it was normal once it started, I meant, she said that she do stuff with her friends (somewhat of group assignment) starting from 9AM her time (That's about 3PM) my time, but she does this all the way to 7-8PM her time. I mean, that's way to long. I am at university too preparing for my thesis defense and publications, but it never took that long, even when working at lab (I'm also working for a COV19 testing facility and lecturer assistant, which took long hours) but it was never as long as hers, and even if it was, I still tried to contact her, at least tell me how i was doing, and ask about her condition. It somehow felt to me that she's trying to avoid me, she doesn't even reply my message until 6-7 hours later. Our conversation is somehow reduced to just saying hello and goodbye.
I tried asking her what's wrong, about why does it feel like she's trying to avoid me. Well, she became defensive, saying she's not, and she's just tired about all stuff. I mean, sure she's tired and so, but most of her story just doesn't add up. One day, it was near Christmas, and I got the news that she got only half day at uni (again, not from her, but from a friend of mine who happened to be the assistant lecturer at her university), so I tried to chat her. Well, she did reply, about 8 hours later. Then I tried calling her when she did, she told me that she felt a little drunk. At first, I thought it was because her TB condition, that maybe she was too tired. But, i found out that she was actually drinking with her friends. I was a bit emotional, well not to the point that i raised my voice or full out screaming. I was just quite angry at her for drinking, she hasn't fully recovered, she kept telling me that she was always low on energy, and she had too much to do. But, now that she actually had time to, well rest due to Christmas, she just went out drinking. Again, at that time, I wasn't angry at all because of her going out instead of calling me, I was angry because she drank while still being sick.
But that night, everything just went downhill. She somehow speak to me that she hasn't been feeling alright. Like she's kinda lost the feeling between us. I was beyond shock, confused even. She told me that she hasn't been feeling the same since the beginning of TB (which is around April), and that she didn't dare to tell me about it or why she felt that way. She told me that she doesn't love me anymore, not the way I still love her, and it wouldn't be fair for her or me to keep doing this pretense, well that's what she told me. I was struck, i felt stunned. Well, my mental condition hasn't been the best, due to overwork, not enough pay (COV19 related stuff payment is somehow delayed due to "odd policy"), my thesis defense, and so on. But contacting her was my only solace, it was like being home again. Then all the sudden she told me that, that she doesn't feel anything anymore, and she wanted me to let go. My mind went blank back then, and when i did wake up it was few days after. I got multiple call from friends and work, well it saddened, and relieved me that some people still somehow care, but not a text from her, not even a "how are you".
But i tried again, i tried to call again at night, and she didn't answer. She send me a message saying that she's too full that day, and she had to do labwork again the next day. I was skeptical, because since she was in her first term semester, lab work is not that demanding yet, only the basic stuff and doesn't take long at all (I confirmed it with my friend, who is an assistant lecturer there), but being desperate and maybe dumb, I just complied. About two days after, somehow I had a feeling to call a friend of mine (Male 22 too), who also happened to be her friend when she was still in my country. I'll call him "B" for writing sake.
Me and B are still friends, we play games together when we have free time. At first it was just normal talk, catching up and so on. But somehow I asked whether or not that he had talked to my girlfriend lately or not. He somehow told me, that he actually called her few days ago. Well, the day that she told me that she was very full. I was, shocked I guess? I know that she and B weren't cheating, well i Know B, and he's got a girl he fancied here in my country. I know that they sometimes call also, and we've been friends for long. But i kinda felt hurt, that she lied to me about not being able to call because she was too occupied. I still try to thing logically, i tried to convince myself that maybe she needed to call someone else to talk to.
Not long after, i asked her about how she is. It was at sunday, and she didn't have assignment she said. I tried asking to chat to her (not even call), and she disappear for 2-3hours. When she came back she said that she was cleaning her house. I wasn't sure what i did back then, but i did text her repeatedly, around 7 consecutive text until she actually replied. Then she told me I was being too clingy. I tried to talk to her, but she told me she got to call her friends to do assignments. Which was odd since she said she didn't have any beforehand. Not long after, she said she wanted to take some break till the 29th of January (Which was a 36 days ahead from the day she told me).
I think since that day my mental capability deteriorated very much. I mean i still work, still did my thesis defense, still communicate with people. But those around me said i was disconnected. I kept forgetting to eat, usually for days. I couldn't sleep except passing out, hell i didn't even masturbate, somehow i just didn't want to. There was a time when I go back to my parent's house, i decided to cook, but an incident happened, a knife slipped to my left arm and tore few muscle. The thing i was so scared of is that i didn't even realized that it did happen. I only noticed when my sister (she's 12) came to my room, and she suddenly screamed, turns out i was bleeding from my hand and was rushed to hospital. The doctors was skeptical when i told them what happened, and told me it might be a suicide attempt. I don't believe it, as it was an accident and not a suicide attempt, that i am sure of.
Well, one thing to another, i'm currently off duty at the moment from labwork stuff, since i was focusing more towards my thesis defense back in 12-13th January. I put my mind on that, tried to not think about my relationship. But i couldn't do it. I called her back at the 13th, and when she did pick up, she was fuming. She somehow knew that I talked to B (she didn't know any details) but she was angry because she thought now B is going to be burdened by her. I have no say at all, she didn't even try to ask about how i am, about the incident, or saying happy new year, or congratulating me for passing, she was just emotional because she somehow found out about it. She told me that she doesn't feel anything anymore, she wanted me to let go. I cried that night, i know it may sound like a wuss, being a guy and all. But i just did. She wanted a break again, continuing to the 29th and i'm still waiting for it till now.
I don't know what to do. 5 years of relationship, just seemed to slip away just like that. I love her, i still do. Maybe i sound like a giant SIMP, maybe i am. 5 Years of memories made. When i met her, it was at my class back in home country. We got close when she departed elsewhere. We were so close, she was to the point clingy. She would fume if i didn't contact hereply her message more than 1 minute (i'm not exaggerating), but i tried to understand it, she had bad health (she's got psoriasis, an autoimmune disease) and broken home. Hell, my whole research was about her disease even, 3,5 years of concentrated research towards autoimmunity, that's even in my thesis (and my proposed research for advanced study, which was planned to be in a university in her country). I know it was a long distance one, but I felt something different when i'm with her. She was, well i thought she'd be my last lover, not that i had any beforehand haha. It may sound sentimental, but i was there when she was at her lowest, i never tried to do anything inappropriate towards her, i respected her. Her mother knew me, and even told me that she should never let me go because i accepted her even though she had psoriasis (this disease is somehow considered as a "filthy disease" from where i'm from). I am not sure, i'm trying my best to go to the university in her country, i tried researching so much from it. But nowadays, i'm unsure of it. I still am hoping a lot for the 29th, heck it even sound like something impossible. I thought, that maybe we can't go back to the way things were, but she's treating me like now like she never wanted me in her life. I just feel like, she used me. I don't want to believe any of that, since i somehow still believe that she Loved me. But if i am to think logically, while being sentimental, it kinda feel like she did. She was clingy to me because she had nothing at all, her family in tatters, her school life was shit, she didn't have any friends. But now she's in uni, she has something, and somehow i'm just a nuisance.
My friends, including B, told me to just give up. Find someone new, fall in love again, eventually. Just erase her, block her off, forget my research about her disease whatsoever. I know i should do that too, but how can i move on when i'm still in love with her? I'm just somehow stupid enough to keep saying "maybe it'll get better", or "maybe tomorrow will be different". I'm somehow dumb enough to keep being hopeful, to think that she'll change her mind. I somehow still think that she's the one, she was my one. She was the only person i ever did fall in love to, the only one who gave me a very strong flux of passion. What made my shitty research and long study feels worth. It somehow feels like there's a strong ache in my chest. It may sound dramatic, but that's what i feel.
I'm feeling desperate, desperate enough to even do this, just as the title said. I'm not sure what to do, or how to move from this point. I'm longing for 29th since we may talk again, but i'm uncertain on how to start the conv, or should i even the one starting it. I know people should face their fear, but with each passing moment drawing closer to 29th, i'm feeling more and more helpless and scared. I'm scared about the eventual result. It's like a unending loops of scenario of us breaking up, and just losing contact, and every time it happened, i'm just becoming more and more scared. I even start learning machine learning and artificial intelligent, making a chatbot based on my old conversation with her, it's progressing really well, much faster than expected, which is pathetic.
I just don't know what I should do...
Thank you for giving your time reading this thing..
Whoever you are, thank you.
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2022.01.28 06:30 Annual-Economics5719 Cecilia's reaction after watching Grey interacting with Caera

What do you guys think will happen when Cecilia watches Grey closely interact with Caera . Will she give no reaction or the repressed soul of Tessia react in a jealous manner (like how it causes Cecilia's aversion to Nico's touch ) ?
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2022.01.28 06:30 cryptophillip86 ANOTHER OPPORTUNITY to APE in on this EXTENSION of MetaWars token lock to 9months.

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2022.01.28 06:30 ImOnDadDuty Post workout meal: bananas, vanilla protein powder, almond milk, and since I ran out of oatmeal, I used instant brown rice and tried to smoosh it as much as possible. Bone of the teeth

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2022.01.28 06:30 luna-the-moon-cat Research or Volunteering?

Im a sophomore right now. Im really needing a job to pay for my stuff this semester. I just got offered a research position (after 3 weeks of waiting 😭) but I’m waiting to see the hours the professor is offering. I don’t have much time during the day so i’m debating if i should do research along with having a job, which means i’ll only be able to work on weekends and not during the weekdays. So less hours. Or if i should work, but on the side start shadowing doctors at my campus hospital. I have done nothing in terms of extracurriculars so far although being a sophomore and now only having 2 years left, mainly i was struggling to balance my classes so I couldn’t add anything, but this semester im trying to learn to balance class and work. I’m lost whether i should research or volunteer— which would look better?
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2022.01.28 06:30 CSA01 Which should I learn? Mandarin Chinese or Korean Hangul?

Hi there,
I have been learning Mandarin Chinese for some time with some progress. Yet, I am still stuck at a beginner level after a year or so of learning it on a daily basis for three hours a day. I have attempted to learn this at Uni back in 2012 and for many reasons, failed it.
Do you guys think I should choose from Mandarin Chinese or Korean Hangul to learn as my primary second language? Ask me any questions that you want about this, and I will reply to them.
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2022.01.28 06:30 Just_Economics off the grid ‼️Listened so much carti while hiking on this trip 🧛‍♂️

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0 Bedroom | 1 Bath | 583 SqFt. | Phoenix | Stunning Studio Apartment in Prestigious Biltmore-Camelback Corridor | Come meet a real person to help you with your apartment search! Get in touch with me through the mobile number and contact details below. Stunning architecture, elegant interiors, ... submitted by azvkp to azapartments [link] [comments]

2022.01.28 06:30 Astrofotino Is fear of snails/slugs common, or is it just me?

I have a really really bad fear of snails and slugs, just seeing one in real life sends shivers down my entire body, even photos of them make me uncomfortable, the other day I was watching a video and it had a picture of a snail on the screen, I literally dropped my phone on the floor. Is this a common thing like fear of spiders/snakes or is it just me?
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2022.01.28 06:30 PsychonautilusGreen [Vol'Jin] Some broken board I managed to pull off with seemingly one of the best heroes of the patch. How would you improve it and place the units? (Didn't have time to play spore cause mobile)

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2022.01.28 06:30 KCTurkeyTL 🔥Oynarken Hayatta Kal, 50.000$ SURV ve 150 NFT Paylaş!

🔥Oynarken Hayatta Kal, 50.000$ SURV ve 150 NFT Paylaş!
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2022.01.28 06:30 childeTheChildish Give Away Winners !🏆

I had a few Xiao mains winning in my give away if you see this pls reply to me in ur comment you posted within 24 houers.
Winners Video
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2022.01.28 06:30 hamazing14 Quicksilver vs tunic?

If I have both, which is usually better as pos 1? Which is better for TA most games? How to decide? Any specific heroes one counters over the other? Thank
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